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The beautiful façade of this historic home was retained while modernizing the structure itself to double its original size. Most of the home was rebuilt but a major consideration of this project was ensuring that façade upgrades were carried out by experienced woodworkers who could create a contemporary look while retaining a reverence to the home’s heritage. The finished project included distinctly modern architectural features, floor to ceiling windows, and creative inclusion of unique and differentiated living areas within the length of the home.

San Francisco


Project Team

Dumican Mosey Architects

Durkin, Inc. – Chris Durkin


and After

Each project requires the vision to see what is possible for a space and the skill to carry out that vision. As a complete general contractor Durkin, Inc. is able to see projects through from beginning to end.




Durkin, Inc. specializes in developing properties throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Below are a few of our featured properties.

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