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A rare opportunity to develop an open lot in Ashbury Heights required an equally exceptional home. It was a long wait to break ground after a difficult multi-year approval process. In addition to administrative constraints, the unusual lot required creative use of the vertical space. A new and modern five-story home was constructed, and architectural features implemented were as impressive as the stunning views. Floor-to-ceiling windows, floating staircases were just a few of the custom elements that added to the drama of this extraordinary space.

San Francisco


Project Team

Dumican Mosey Architects

Durkin, Inc. – Chris Durkin


and After

Each project requires the vision to see what is possible for a space and the skill to carry out that vision. As a complete general contractor Durkin, Inc. is able to see projects through from beginning to end.




Durkin, Inc. specializes in developing properties throughout the San Francisco Bay area. Below are a few of our featured properties.

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