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Telegraph Hill 
LEED Project

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) developed the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for New Construction and Home rating systems to promote the construction of cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. A LEED rating is based on the total number of points a project earns in various compliance categories that include Sustainable Site, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Material & Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation & Design Process.

Our project on Telegraph Hill is designed to achieve LEED Silver certification and will employ sustainable design measures.   These measures include the following features in compliance with USGBC LEED:

Durkin Incorporated is the proud builder of these sustainable LEED condominiums located on Telegraph Hill. Durkin Incorporated is excited to announce we are striving to reach the Gold certification level for LEED.

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These condominiums are within walking distance of multiple basic resources like churches, grocery stores, schools, and restaurants. This means less driving and reduced driving means fewer carbon emissions that are damaging to the environment. Walking also has additional health benefits.

115 THB LEED #3.jpg

Water Saving Landscaping

Our project includes a water cistern which has been installed with the intention of being used to capture and reuse all water onsite. This water will be reusing to irrigate both the green roofs and the shared landscape area.

115 THB LEED #2_edited.jpg

Water Saving Bath Fixtures

We have installed water saving bath fixtures in all bathrooms. By installing these fixtures, we have insured that less water will be used each time the bathroom is used.


Occupancy Sensor / Continuous Operating Fan

Each bathroom also comes equipped with an Energy Star bathroom fan set to continuously run. These fans help to bring in fresh air and will keep mold away. In addition, the shared garage also features a continuously running fan to keep fresh air circulating in that space.


High Efficiency Lighting

Lighting fixtures with high efficiency were installed throughout the project. This helps to cut down on how much electricity is used.

115 THB LEED #5_edited.jpg

Energy Star Appliances

We installed Energy Star appliances throughout the condominiums: Energy Star Refrigerators, Energy Star Dishwashers and Energy Star Clothes Washers. These appliances are designed to use less electricity, gas and water.



Many materials that are normally used in construction contain toxic chemicals. Our Telegraph Hill project used Low VOC paints and adhesives on all walls, trims and moldings. Additionally, we used roofing
materials which are also Low VOC. These products contain significantly less toxins than other paints, adhesives and roofing materials. Fewer toxins result in cleaner air quality in the units and healthier living.

115 THB LEED #7.jpg

Other Special LEED Features

Each condominium at our Telegraph Hill project has its own individual Green Roof. These green roofs are planted with a variety of non-invasive, drought tolerant plants which provide an aesthetically pleasing green space within the urban confides of San Francisco. Moreover, green roofs not only are appealing visually but offer multiple benefits including reducing temperatures on the roof which in turn reduce HVAC loads, resulting in energy cost savings. Green Roofs also serve to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adding plants to the urban landscape; this increases photosynthesis, reducing carbon dioxide levels produced by vehicles, industrial facilities, and mechanical systems. It also increases oxygen production. Not only do Green Roofs reduce air pollution but they also serve to improve the soundproofing of a building and reduce sound reflection by increasing absorption. Lastly, green roofs also provide a refuge for birds and insects that have lost their natural habitat due to urban development and the loss of green space.

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