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Wildwood Reserve - Benloch Ranch

Nestled within the rolling Wasatch and Uinta Mountains, Wildwood Reserve is the best of mountain living. A thoughtfully designed community highlights the beauty of nature for its residents.  Bench Ranch includes a variety of home designs commissioned by renowned architects with sophisticated interior finishes to customize your mountain dream home.

Wasatch County, UTAH


Project Team

Dumican Mosey Architects

Durkin, Inc. - Chris Durkin


Located within the overall Benloch Ranch community, the Phase 2 development looks to offer its residents something exceptional.  Phase 2 will provide a cohesive identity to its residents through sophisticated design and elevated mountain modern living.  

Views & Orientation

Sited into the upslope of Benloch Mountain, Phase 2 is positioned to capture unique views from each lot.  As the site gentle slopes upwards each lot above the last is able to open up to views of the rolling mountains to the North.  With its proximity to ski resorts like Deer Valley to the west, spectacular views are able to be had from may vantage points.

1-1 Upslope_Entry-02.jpeg
1-2 Downslope_Entry-02.jpeg
2 DS-Nordic-B-glass_edited.jpg
3-1 DS-Northlight-A.jpeg
3-2 Downslope_Rear-01.jpeg
3-3 US-Northlight-B-glass.jpeg
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